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Shared Hosting Plans

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All Shared Hosting Plans are Payable Annually.


$8.99 / mo

$7.99 / mo

Small Business

$15.99 / mo

$13.99 / mo

Business Unlimited

$18.99 / mo

$16.99 / mo


Full Virtualization Solution!

All KVM Hosting Plans are Payable Monthly. No Annual Contract!


** Perfect for small business! **

$24.99 / mo

$20.97 / mo


** More speed! More space! **

$47.99 / mo

$39.97 / mo

24x7 Support

We offer 24×7 support service with a 60–minute customer support ticket response time guarantee. Our average trouble ticket response time is less than thirty minutes.

Need More?

Semi-Dedicated Plans

Each Semi-Dedicated plans comes with our No Risk 30-Day Free Trial.   No credit card required to sign up!

Semi-Dedicated 1

$25.97 / mo

Semi-Dedicated 2

$36.97 / mo

What else is included?

Both plans includes the following:

Need More Speed?

We've Got You Covered!

Intel Atom Dedicated Servers

Price Starting at:

$44.00 / mo

Intel Xeon Dedicated Servers

Price Starting at:

$99.00 / mo

Note: Dedicated server supply are limited and some selections may not be available at this time.
If you would like to reserve a specific server or have questions, please contact us.