About Aver Digital

About Aver Digital

Established in 2008, we, at Aver Digital (formally TKG), are no different than our clients – we too want the service or product that we buy to work right, so that we won’t have to waste extra time so as to make it work properly. That is why we reached the decision to establish our own web hosting company – so that we could supply the service that we ourselves would like to use.

What Renders Us Unique?

While most web hosting suppliers use the ready-made cPanel as a basis of their hosting platforms, we arrived at the decision to build the Hepsia Control Panel. The chief advantage of this hosting Control Panel is that it offers billing, web site and domain administration options. This will save you the effort of signing into different user interfaces to manage the things that belong to you. With the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you will exert absolute command over all angles of your web presence and will be able to administer all your sites and domains from a single location.

Our Hosting Platform

Having an all-embracing Control Panel is something wonderful, but it’s not sufficient. We invented a web hosting platform powered by the proven mix of Linux and Apache, which allows us to guarantee you a seamless web hosting experience and to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee! We are also working with several data centers situated in different countries. These are places with system administrators devoted to keeping the hosting servers up and running. And we offer a 24x7x365 customer support service and a one-hour response time guarantee, although our technicians usually respond to all inquiries within thirty minutes!

Perfect for Hosting WordPress

Our hosting provide the simplicity, security and performance for your WordPress site. However, we also cater to clients that simply just not have the tech know-how or the time to spend building a website for either personal blog or a business. That’s where we come in. We offer over 10 years of WordPress experience building websites and can provide all the necessary tools you need to run your site.  We also offer 30-minute consultation at no cost to you. Fill out our email form below for more information.

Got Questions?

For pre-sale questions, you can give us a call for more information at:


For expedited service, mention ID #92650

Or you can fill out our form and send us your questions. We'll get back to you within 2 business days.

General Inquiry
24x7 Support

We offer a 24x7 support service with a 60–minute customer support ticket response time guarantee. Our average trouble ticket response time is less than thirty minutes.

99.9% Uptime

Our website hosting platform is based on a secure, top–drawer hardware architecture and a strongly modified Linux distro that you can count on anytime.

30-Day Guarantee

In the event that you do not feel satisfied with our hosting service – you’ll receive a full refund, without obscure costs or return charges.