Dedicated Servers

Power! Speed! Performance!

Simple. Affordable. Flexible.

Each and every one of our dedicated web hosting servers is backed up by a 99.9% uptime SLA and is set up on your behalf for free. Your dedicated web hosting server comes with a charge-free web hosting Control Panel – the company’s in-house built, point-and-click Hepsia Control Panel.

Alternatively, you could benefit from the free-of-cost DirectAdmin activation or order a cPanel installation.

If you need support administering your dedicated server, you can take advantage of Aver Digital’s managed server packages, which encompass data backups, weekly Operating System updates, custom software installations, script problem troubleshooting procedures, etc.

A Free Hepsia Web Control Panel

The easiest solution to be in charge of your dedicated server.

Hepsia: No root access for Debian OS.

Free DirectAdmin: For CentOS only.

cPanel: For CentOS only - $7.50/mo

High Speed SSD Drives

SSD drives the delivers great performance.

CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu

Choice of Linux Operating Systems to select from that's right for you!

All Operation Systems are updated weekly with the latest security and features.

A State–of–the–Art Data Center

Providing maximum web connectivity for your server.

Quality Server Hardware

Dependable and long life equipment.

Each Dedicated Server comes with:

Network10 Gbits Network Cards

1 Dedicated IP Address Included.

Additional IP addresses - $3.00/mo each.

Intel Atom Dedicated Servers

Price Starting at:

$44.00 / mo

Intel Xeon Dedicated Servers

Price Starting at:

$99.00 / mo

Atom or Xeon?

What's the Difference?

Intel Atom

The Intel Atom servers run are created to run in a low-powered environment. This means that they are designed to be extremely efficient when running any sort of task. This makes them an ideal home if you want to have a dedicated server that will power only a single website or will be a part of a cluster.

Intel Xeon

The Intel Xeon architecture is made precisely with servers in mind. If you plan to use your dedicated server for a reseller services, or to create virtual servers, it’s the best possible choice. Additionally, thanks to the large number of CPU cores and higher clock speed, video trans-coding on these servers is a breeze. Perfect for high volume traffic.

24x7 Support

We offer a 24×7 support service with a 60–minute customer support ticket response time guarantee. Our average trouble ticket response time is less than thirty minutes.

Backup Space (50 GB)

Weekly OS Update

Monitoring & Rebooting

Free Setup, Installation & Troubleshooting (30 minutes)